Treating Allergies Naturally – Part 2

Allergies exist in many different forms and many people believe that the number of people with allergies is increasing. Read our comprehensive investigation “How Treating Allergies Naturally” can help you change your life. Read part 2 of our investigation.


how to treat allergies naturally



Every night, three-year-old Kevin scratches until he starts bleeding. Ever since he was six months old and weaned, he developed wet eczema. First it appeared in the elbow bends and at the back of the knees, later in his face and upper body. The pediatrician diagnosed it as neurodermatitis and prescribed cortisone creams and baths. Kevin was too young to undergo allergy tests. A bioresonance therapist, who did an energetic test, found a chronic allergy to cow’s milk, intestinal fungi, acute allergies to tomatoes and nuts and intolerability to fluoride tablets. The intestinal fungi were wiped out with the help of diet and medication. This, by itself, already changed the skin significantly. The cow’s milk allergy was treated using bioresonance therapy, the allergies to tomatoes and nuts disappeared by themselves. After several therapy sessions, Kevin experienced a short-term worsening of symptoms, a so called ‘’initial hypersensitivity.’’ After three months, his skin had almost cleared up and he was able to eat everything.


chronic food allergiesNeurodermatitis is most commonly caused by chronic food allergies to cow’s milk and wheat. Consuming these almost daily makes it difficult to see the correlation between eating them and the subsequent symptoms. In most case intestinal fungi (usually Candida Albicans) causes neurodermatitis. Acute food allergies lead to an immediate reaction after having eaten; among these are reactions to tomatoes, carrots, citrus fruit or food additives.

Being in contact with soaps, ointments, water (!) and dust may cause allergies. Other contaminants that play a role for some children include viral infections, reactions to vaccinations, fluoride, medication or amalgam (passed on by the mother during pregnancy).

Often times the psyche also causes allergies or contributes to worsening them. Neurodermatitis in adults is usually more difficult to treat. The longer somebody has had a disease, the more additional allergies and contaminants accumulate over the years. Therapy takes more time and is more complicated. Nevertheless, many patients are successfully treated.



Leo always carries his inhaler. For years he has been suffering from hypersensitive bronchials. In the early morning hours he wakes up wheezing and ends up coughing. Each cold immediately turns into spastic bronchitis. Birch pollen in the air or a horse in a circus performance cause asthma attacks. When he is excited and stressed, he has a hard time breathing.

Smoke, cold air and allergy causing substances stimulate a ‘’hyperreactive bronchial system’’ and cause the mucous membrane to ‘’over-react’’. The bronchials ‘’constrict’’ and produce more phlegm. This blocks the flow of air, in the particular during the outbreath, and leads to wheezing and groaning. In the case of bronchial asthma, there is also a chronic inflammation of the suffering from suffering from hypersensitive bronchialsmucous membrane. Heavy asthma attacks can be fatal for the affected.

Chronic food allergies, fungi or various airborne allergies may cause chronic inflammation. A chronic bronchitis, over several years, may ‘’expand’’ the microscopically small air vesicles in the lung eventually lead to pulmonary emphysema.

Leo underwent bioresonance therapy. He had chronic ‘’wheat allergy’’ coupled with a mold fungi contamination in the bronchials and paranasal sinuses. He was also treated for allergies to house dust, birch pollen and horse hair. Eventually he no longer needed to take medication constantly and he can also visit the circus again. These days he only needs his inhaler when he has a bad cold or is under extreme stress.



‘’Were there any special circumstances at the time that you first noticed your condition? Did you recently undergo an operation, were you involved in an accident, were you pregnant, did you give birth, get shots, have teeth pulled or were you subject to a lot of stress?’’, asked the therapist. Sabine thought about it: ‘’Actually, nothing special has happened at all. Quite a bit of stress at the office. Ahhh, wait a minute, I think that it was around that time that I got my new gold crowns … yeah, just a few days later my tongue started to burn and then I broke out and started getting these headaches!’’ After energetic testing, the therapist finds an amalgam contamination and an allergic reaction to the gold plating.

The discussion concerning amalgam contamination is never-ending. For most naturopathic therapists, the discussion is moot however. Mercury, which is the main ingredient of amalgam, is a toxic heavy metal and does not belong in the human body! Countless reports of diseases that have been cures or partially cured by the removal of amalgam fillings and subsequent residual toxins are substantial proof. A substance that has been declares as being dangerous for pregnant women and for children is not likely to be healthy for the rest of the human race either.

Amalgam is not the only evil in the mouth. Every type of metal and/or plastic that is not an original part of the body can be potentially dangerous in individual cases. This can amalgam contaminationcause a systemic allergic reaction. In addition, if more than one type of metal exists in the mouth a measurable amount of electrical voltage and mouth current is produced. There are also causing health problems. It is not pure gold, but normally the other metals in gold plating that are responsible for allergic reactions.

Metals and plastics in pins, implants and braces can all be potential causes of allergies. Each tooth has its own energetic relationship to certain acupuncture meridians, body parts and organs. Dentists working holistically know that ‘’dead teeth’’, cysts and chronic toothaches can cause organ diseases. On the other hand, sick organs can sometimes show up as ‘’toothaches’’. Bioresonance therapy can now be used before and after dental treatment. Detoxification and elimination of heavy metal toxins happen faster. Consequently, the body no longer reacts to the allergen.

Sabine got her remaining fillings removed and with minerals, vitamins, homeopathic and bioresonance therapy, she also purged her system of the toxin. The gold plating that was left was made harmless using bioresonance allergies therapy. After just a few weeks, the burning sensation in her tongue was gone, her skin was back to normal and the headaches had disappeared.



After antibiotic treatment, Klaus (and his environment) suffered from severe flatulence. Bowel movements were irregular and were accompanied by gastric distress. Klaus had a craving for sweets, was always tired, could not concentrate and was depressed. His acne worsened and eczema erupted around his mouth.

Our intestines are naturally populated with billions of microbial inhabitants, the bacteria of our intestinal flora. Lacto and bifidus bacteria, E.coli germs and many others are working together in our intestinal tract lining. Even though they feed on the residual food remaining in the intestinal tract, they promote good digestion, help with the provision of nutrients and vitamins and stimulate our immune system. 70% of our immune system is found in the lymph nodes in the intestines! Yeast and especially Candida albicans and other candida forms can also exist in the intestinal flora in small doses. The ‘’positive’’ intestinal bacteria keep them in check.

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If the ‘’positive’’ intestinal bacteria are killed or weakened to any degree, then the yeast can populate at will and the intestinal bacteria will be displaced. This is called intestinal mycosis, which is a yeast infestation of the intestine. It can be caused by unhealthy eating habits (too much sugar), heavy metals (e.g. mercury) and medication such as antibiotics, cortisone and hormones.

Candida builds up various toxins and fusel alcohol. In the intestine, this can cause a build-up of gas, cramps and irregular bowel movements. The lymph nodes in the intestines are toxic which leads to further weakening of the immune system, more susceptibility to infections and less resistance. The toxin works through the wall of the intestine into the blood and then into the liver, our most important fighter against toxins, where a portion of the substance is broken down. The remnants of the toxin then creeps into the other organs and can produce symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, loss of concentration or depression. Allergies occurring or becoming worse is more evident. Particularly, food allergies but also eczema, neurodermatitis, nostril infections and bronchial asthma.

Scientific research has found that fungus exists in the intestines of 50% of the population, 80% of those with allergies and over 90% with neurodermatitis. Many doctors believe that intestinal fungus is normal in the intestine. Naturopathic therapists are continually seeing how many of the unexplained and stubborn symptoms disappear after intestinal fungal treatment.

Our patient, Klaus, was put on a no sugar, no wheat flour diet. He also took fungal-inhibitive medication and underwent bioresonance therapy. For a short period, his gastric problem worsened (increased gas because of the dying fungi). Then it stabilized, the bowels calmed down and his skin cleared up. Klaus has the energy, vitality and love of life he had previous to the onset of his maladies.



For weeks, Ursula has been undergoing bioresonance treatments because of her allergies. After a short period of improvement, everything reverted. She couldn’t sleep peacefully, felt like a zombie in the mornings and complained of back and joint aches after getting up. After speaking with her therapist and renewed testing, they determined that moving since her last appointment had increased levels of external radiant energy. This was cause by electrosmog and geopathy.

effects of electromagnetic fields on human healthIn today’s environment, we are almost always surrounded by electrical and electromagnetic fields produced by television, radio, radar, computer, cell phones and many more devices. Many of these fields can influence our own body’s electromagnetic field, which causes stress reactions at the cellular level. Fortunately, our organs can compensate for these influences up to a certain extent, during the day’s ‘’active phase’’.

At night, however, our body cells are supposed to be regenerating but how are they supposed to regenerate if they are still being exposed to all of the disruptive electromagnetic fields around us? Electrosmog exposure in the sleeping area is therefore a very important factor. External radiant energy is not just a thing brought by computer age! For thousands of years, humans of all cultures have been using a rod or other similar instruments to search the ground for positive and negative polarity. We are continuing to find temples and ancient churches built in locations of high positive energy (‘’geomancy’’).

Negative unhealthy interference zones were avoided (‘’geopathy’’). Houses with sleeping areas were only built in neutral external radiant energy areas. This ancient wisdom is infrequently practiced by present-day architects and planners. Nowadays we find that many sleeping areas are located directly on top of these interference zones.

Geobiologists differentiate between the external radiant energy of water veins, faults, intersections or crossing points, etc. Many observations back the theory that years of stress caused by electrosmog and/or geopathy can increase the effects of allergies, rheumatic symptoms, nervous disorders and cancer.

After speaking with a geobiologist, our patient Ursula, removed her TV and her radio alarm-clock from her bedroom. She had a power-free switch installed, moved the bed to another corner and installed an interference suppressor to neutralize the influence from the radio antenna of the neighbor’s roof. She is now sleeping peacefully, her back and joints are less painful and the allergies are completely gone after successful bioresonance therapy.

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