Bioresonance Therapy Order Page

IMPORTANT! We need 3 drops of your blood to make a diagnosis:

  • Prick your index finger with a smaller, sterile needle
  • Take 3 smaller pieces of a paper handkerchief or coffee filter and wipe each drop of blood with a separate piece of paper
  • Put these 3 pieces of paper soaked with your blood on a sheet of a4 paper
  • Fold the sheet twice, write your name, surname and date of birth on it, put it in an envelope and send it to the following address:

    HD Center za bioresonanco
    Ukmarjeva 6
    1000 ljubljana
    Slovenia, Europe
  • Send the envelope by post


Here is a video clip demonstrating the above procedure – blood collection video clip


IMPORTANT! In addition to your blood, we need your personal data as well. Therefore, we need you to fill in the enclosed form and do not forget to hit “SUBMIT” (scroll down)
After receiving your blood, we will make a diagnosis within 15 working days of the receipt and send you a detailed test result by email with further instructions and a suggestion for further therapy (how many therapy sessions you would need to improve your health condition) if you decide to pursue one.

Personal Data Form

  • For the purpose of the Therapy we need some information about your health and medications consumption.